Smart-Track software

Smart-Track is an inventory control platform designed to record and track uniform inventory. Typically, the software is utilized in unison with our uniform conveyor equipment providing uniform managers with a fully automated uniform room solution.

Web Demonstration available

Smart-Track can also be used standalone for the purposes of staff uniform inventory control without any equipment.

Smart-Track is SQL Server/.NET based and can be integrated with existing on-site IT systems. With web browser enabled data-access managers can view database information and reports direct from their own PC, wherever they are.

Configure your exact uniform service requirements. Smart-Track allows you to configure personal, sized (pool), personal storage, day-bag, and locker-bag storage dependant on the range of conveyor equipment you have installed.

Your Divisions, Departments and Jobs can be setup and defined. The entire structure of your organization can be setup so that staff members with the same job automatically inherit specific uniform types.

The particular garment items that your property utilizes can be created and recorded. The type-code and size of your garments can be built into templates which are then subsequently made available to employees when they are entered into the system.

Employees are easily provided with access to the uniform service by entering them into the system and likewise terminated when uniform service is no longer required. To add an employee simply enter their name, gender and ID card number as minimum data requirements.

Simply assign the staff member a job from the organization template. The staff member will automatically be allocated the correct uniforms for that job. Uniform sizes for the employee can be setup as required.

E-mail style messages can be sent to individual staff members, or groups of staff. These messages are viewable when an employee swipes their ID card at the conveyor touch-screen. Uniquely, our touch-screen interfaces can be used to display corporate memos and messages to your staff as required.

Smart-Track fits into your uniform room operation however large your inventory. Your inventory totals can be easily monitored and inventory is accounted for throughout your operation. Uniform items will be tracked and recorded wherever they are.

Garment tracking ensures uniform items are tracked when moving around and in/out of your organization. Tracking enables each uniform item to be recorded at each step throughout the issue, deposit and laundry cycle. This will help ensure adequate stocks of uniform are loaded onto the conveyors ready for staff shifts.

Benefits and features of Smart-Track

  • Works seamlessly with all LEF conveyors and equipment
  • Existing equipment? - Smart-Track can interface directly to your existing equipment
  • Use standalone without equipment - manage your staff and uniform inventory
  • MSSQL Server and .NET based for easy integration into existing IT systems
  • Full remote support
  • Web-Ex demo available
  • Simplifies management of your staff and their uniform requirements
  • Full management reporting software included
  • Software updates and any custom options provided ,free of charge

All system transactions are recorded so it is possible to track when a particular employee has used a conveyor or when they have collected or returned a particular uniform item.

Items issued and returned are recorded and specific wearer and garment data can be readily displayed.

Garment and employee data is always up to date and available at any moment. Scanning a garment or enquiring a garment from any screen instantly shows all the data applicable to that uniform.

Items sent and returned from laundry are tracked and recorded in batches so you can be sure of accurate records and laundry performance.

Run Smart-Track in any number of locations and access your data from a standard web-browser anywhere.

We look forward to your contact enquiry and helping with your requirements.