MK-Uniform Conveyor

A cost-effective uniform conveyor system that automatically issues staff uniforms. Staff, using their ID-card, can quickly collect their daily uniforms in an average of 20-seconds. Clean uniforms on hangers are quickly and easily reloaded on the system while it is still in use. Only minimal labor required to reload the system.

MK-Uniform Conveyor

MK-Uniform Conveyor provides fast automatic issue of staff uniforms 

The MK-Uniform Conveyor provides staff with secure 24/7 automated access to their daily uniforms.

Clean uniforms hanging inside the system are automatically distributed to staff through the use of their ID-card.

Using their ID-card and user touch-screen, staff simply select the uniforms they wish to collect.
A fast mobile pick-off arm then travels to locate, pick-off and deliver the items they have requested.

Uniforms are automatically delivered to the front issue point typically within 20-seconds.

Typically, each staff member can have an assigned hanging position.

Clean laundered uniforms on hangers can be easily and quickly reloaded on to the conveyor with minimal labor.
System can be reloaded with clean uniforms while still issuing uniforms. This means staff experience zero downtime when collecting uniforms while the system is being reloaded.

MK Uniform Conveyor example video

Conveyor shown issuing scrub wear, will equally issue any type of uniform.

Benefits and features of this conveyor

  • Low cost of ownership
  • System issues automatically - no labor is required to issue uniforms
  • No access door to conveyor - uniforms are 100% secure
  • Only the pick-off arm moves - fast system, less wear-and-tear and high reliability
  • Clean uniforms can be loaded anytime while the system is in use
  • Clean items on hangers are quickly and easily reloaded using minimal labor
  • Conveyor can operate with simple staff numbered labels, barcodes or RFID
  • No compressed air required - this is an all-electric system
  • Garment tracking software included for tracking uniforms
  • Conveyor hanging capacity is flexible to suit any uniform room requirement
  • System can optionally incorporate backup and extra storage rails for back stock
  • Typical conveyor layout shown opposite


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