Uniform Conveyor

A uniform conveyor system that automatically issues staff uniforms.
Uniforms hang 100% secure on this conveyor - no access door to uniforms.
Staff, using their ID-card, can select and collect only the items they require.
Clean uniforms on hangers are easily reloaded on system.

Uniform Conveyor

Uniform Conveyor provides the automatic issue of staff uniforms 

Our Uniform Conveyor provides staff with 24/7 secure automatic access to their daily uniforms.

Clean uniforms on hangers are easily reloaded on to the conveyor using the loading point. The loading point interface allows the operator to load each clean uniform on to the conveyor using either barcode or RFID. It is also possible to just use a simple numbered label. The system can be configured to your requirements.

Each clean uniform being loaded causes the conveyor to rotate until a free slot is presented in front of the operator. The operator simply loads the item onto the conveyor.

Clean uniforms on the conveyor are then automatically distributed to staff through the use of their ID-card.

Using their ID-card and user touch-screen, staff can select the items they wish to collect, e.g. trousers and shirt.

The conveyor rotates and automatically picks-off each uniform item requested.
Items are sequentially picked and are automatically collated at the issue point where the staff member can collect them.

Benefits and features of this conveyor

  • Conveyor is automatic - no labor is required to issue uniforms
  • Touch-screen interface - staff select the exact items they require
  • No access door to the conveyor - uniforms hanging on this conveyor are 100% secure
  • Clean items on hangers are easily reloaded on the conveyor
  • Conveyor can operate with simple numbered labels, barcodes or RFID
  • No compressed air required - this is an all-electric system
  • RFID can be used to track uniform items issued and returned
  • Optional RFID chute available so soiled uniform returns can be recorded
  • Garment tracking software included for tracking uniforms issued and returned
  • Conveyor capacity, shape and size can suit all uniform room requirements
  • Conveyor can be configured for personal or pool-stock uniforms (e.g. for agency staff)
  • Typical conveyor layout shown opposite


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